Monday, January 11, 2010


Okay, I finally got sick of trying to tell stories to all of you, my adoring fans, through facebook. Add this blog to the list of Things I Really Should Have Done Before Now...the digital world has totally missed my sweet Ellery's first 7.75 months when all this time I could have been bloggaliciously documenting every moment.

The wait is over! I have finally stopped procrastinating, gotten over trying to be clever with my URL, and started trying to post enough things to make this an interesting place for my first visitors. I would really like to create an online record of my foray into the world of Stay-At-Home-Momming...I know that nothing I'm doing here is overly original, but it's a look into our lives, so there's that.

If you're interested in keeping up on Ellery pictures and stories, I promise there will be plenty. If you like reading, I hope to write up some solid reviews of the latest literature I've soaked in. If you're the crafty type, I want to motivate myself to actually finish a few projects by talking about them to someone. If you cook or eat, I plan to post delish recipes as I try them and to publish my weekly meal plans in case anyone needs ideas. Mmm...and if you enjoy single malt, then you should come over and we'll pour a wee dram.

Here's to having an online journal for the world to see! Let's hope that I write more here than in any actual journal I've ever owned!

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