Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Weekly Menu Time!

This is something I do just about every Monday...I find that planning a week ahead saves money and time once I get to the grocery store.  One of the sweet women whose blogs I follow (she's so crafty!) started posting her own menus along with recipes, which I find to be really helpful when I'm looking for ideas.
Hmm...maybe if her posts help me, then these could help one of you!

I start by thinking through the week to figure out
how many dinners we'll be eating at home,
which nights need to be quick,
what leftovers we already have that I want to use up, and
what the weather is going to be like.
(Soup for snow days, grilling for hot ones...)

It's not hard, and it makes weeknights way easier.

I'll try to post these on Mondays as I make decisions!  I know we're starting out late already, but whatev.  Here it is!

Week of Jan 11-15
Mon: Chicken Curry with Wild Rice (new recipe!)
Tues: Balsamic Pasta with leftover stuffed chicken from the weekend
Weds: Chicken Pizza Packets (new recipe!)
Thurs: Finish Chicken Curry from Mon (I'll change it up a bit)
Fri: Tim heads to Alta for a long weekend, so Momma's ordering out!
(sushi and martinis for me!)

Normally I would make sure that at least one more meal would last us for leftovers on the weekend, but Tim is headed to Alta, UT to ski from Friday to Monday.  We're on our own, so I don't need to plan ahead too much!  I won't eat out too many times, I promise.  :)

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