Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Boring No More

I finally did something with the big blank boring beige wall in Ellery's nursery! 

I love her blue walls with white accents,
(thanks to my very detail-oriented man!)
but I have been stumped on what to do with this
big ol' uninterrupted wall.

I saw this idea on the purl bee to use fun fabrics and embroidery hoops in a sort of color collage across the wall.  Great way to bring some color into the space without painting or just hanging more shelves!

Here's the tutorial I followed...and here are some pictures of my progress along the way!

First pick a bunch of fun fabrics and find lots of different sizes of embroidery hoops.  

Cut the fabric squares a bit bigger than your hoop...I didn't leave enough room on a few (after adjusting the hoop around to frame what I wanted to see of the design), but they turned out fine.

Put the square into the hoop, then line up what you want to see in the end.  

I changed my mind after I cut this one, so the fabric is really close the edge. 

Ellery loves to help.

The tutorial said to glue first, but I thought it was easier to start with cutting.
Trim around in a circle, but leave enough room to glue down.

Use a hot glue gun along the inside edge, pressing the remaining fabric down until it's all hidden.

Flip, hang, and enjoy!

I laid them out on the floor in front of the wall first just to get an idea of how much space they all needed.  In another life I would have been a lot more detailed with the spacing and layout, but I wanted to get this finished...and I think they look nice all randomly hung!

The whole thing ended up being a bit higher on the wall than I had planned,  but I didn't want them to be within grabbing distance from the changing pad.

The beige wall is boring no more!  I love it!

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